Cloud Connector Edition 2.0 - What's new?

Hi all,

i have listed the updates and improvements made with Cloud connector Edition Version 2.0
The both first improvements are the most interesting ones.

The CCE installation now supports more Cloud PBX User and a much higher call volume.
With a support of 500 concurrent SIP Call per CCE, it was in the past possible to run with 4x CCE 1.500 simultaneous calls, while 1 CCE was reserved for High Availability.
The ratio of 1:10 meaning, we had support for up to 15.000 Cloud PBX User pre CCE Site.

Now with the improvement for up to 16 Node:
  • we can have up to 7.500 simultaneous calls, this is Large Enterprise ready!
  • we support up too 75.000 Cloud PBX Users per CCE Site.
More details and configuration information you will finde here:

Lets have a look into all important feature added:
  • Media Bypass
  • Support of 16 Cloud Connector Editions per one PSTN Site
  • Ability to manipulate SIP headers for billing or interoperability purposes
  • Use of Office 365 Skype for Business account instead of a Global Administrator account
  • Autogenerated passwords for local administrators of Cloud Connector instances
  • Hybrid Voice flag in Mediation Service User Agent to better distinguish Cloud Connector calls in the Call Quality Dashboard
  • Improvements to self-monitoring and self-troubleshooting process
  • Disabling SSL 3.0 by default for all services used by Cloud Connector Edition
The Technet planning link to Cloud Connector Edition  is here:

More details about the History-Info and ForwardPAI headers can be found here



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