Outbound Call ID Overwrite with Call Queues (CallingLineIdentity)

Configuring User Outbound Call ID Overwrite

As usual, the way how you can modify more parameter is strictly by using PowerShell. I need stepping into one PowerShell scripting to present the outbound calling ID overwrite.

For example, if a Call Queue represents a Support Team, you want that each dedicated person in this team to not expose their DID. You need to configure a Distribution Group for those team members used in the Call Queue.
Next step is creating a “Calling Line Identity” policy, where you enable the User Overwrite. The Service Number you are defining should be this you have assigned to the Call Queue! The Calling ID Substitute should be the name of the team.
New-CsCallingLineIdentity -Identity "SupportTeam01" -CallingIdSubstitute "Support Team Office 365" -ServiceNumber 498912345678 -EnableUserOverride $True –Verbose
Note :
The key here is not to use “+” before the Service Number assigned to AA or call Queue to make it work:

do this      -ServiceNumber 498912345678
and not this -ServiceNumber +498912345678

After creating the new CallingLineIdentiy, you need to assign this policy on a per user basis:
Grant-CsCallingLineIdentity -Identity "thomas.poett@contoso.com” -PolicyName SupportTeam01

Further documentation on CsCallingLineIdentity can be found here:


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