ForeFront TMG - Directors, FE and SE for Lync

There is a lot of confusion in configuring Lync 2010 Remote Access Setup.

How do I setup the TMG (Rever Proxy) and how many Listener do i need?
This is the most common question. But....
The answer is quite simple and stright forward. You need as many Listener as you have deployed and published Pools (Director/ Enterprise Pool) and Standard Server.

I this case here, where a customer has a Best Practice Setup of 1x Director Pool, 1x EE Pool and 1x single Standard Server, he also deployed Load Balancer (either HLB, or DNS+HLB), you need the shown setup in TMG.

TMG supports only a SINGLE, DEDICATED Target Server in each Listener.

But remember, if you have a Load Blanacer, you must point to the HLB VIP addresse !


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